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Our own adverts on signs in Durham generated 200 calls in 2 weeks.

Roundabout advertising: what is the value to your business?

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There are many ways to advertise your business, but which provides the best value? Roundabout sponsorship delivers a range of key benefits and provides value for money:

A local, highly-visible presence

Many customers actually purchase or consume goods or services within a few miles of their home. Roundabout advertising gives you a local presence just when your customers are out and about and in buying mode. Signs are generally over a metre wide, so they will grab people's attention.


Businesses rely on trust to build their reputation. Roundabout advertising signs contain your local authority's brand as well, so effectively this will provide an endorsement in the minds of your customers. Additionally, your adverts will demonstrate that your business is putting something back into the local community by supporting local services.

An audience of millions

In the course of even a month, many roundabouts will have over a million people driving past them. So your adverts will also be seen by millions of people. How many other forms of advertising can deliver such high numbers?

Always-on advertising

Advertising works by repetition. Your roundabout adverts will be there every hour of every day, all year round. That means that you will never have to worry about missing out on your next customer.


Each roundabout is dedicated to your business - no-one else can advertise there at the same time. So you will get exclusive attention from your audience with no competition.

For more reasons to use outdoor advertising, check out the industry’s trade association, the Outdoor Media Centre. 

Where else can I advertise?

We have sites in car parks, at boundary signs and on lamp columns. So you can target tourists, shoppers and even 'own' the routes into and out of your local town or city.

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