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We look at how we can contribute to our partner councils’ wider strategic objectives.

We work hard to understand the range of challenges that councils face and devise schemes that either overcome specific problems or contribute to reducing the effects of severe budget cuts. So a scheme might be designed purely to improve the general landscape with an enhanced grounds maintenance package paid for via sponsorship. Or it could be to generate revenue for councils that helps to maintain the vital services they provide elsewhere.


Managing Director, CP MEDIA


Working in partnership with our client councils and asset partners

We are proud to work with a variety of councils and other asset partners across the UK - see our sample case studies to find out more. 

Many councils are already exploring ways to generate additional income, and outdoor media has a significant role to play. Whatever your motivation, we can help by advising on and delivering a new income stream from your council’s assets. Or we can increase revenue from your existing scheme if you already have one, whilst you retain full control.

Assets we can generate income from include, but are not limited to:

  • Roundabouts
  • Landscape/flowerbed signs
  • Boundary/Welcome to signs
  • Lamp post banners
  • Car parks
  • Council buildings
  • Vehicles
  • Digital Screens
  • Publications
  • Websites


There are many ways you can generate income for your council. However, we understand that budget cuts and continual reductions in staff numbers mean that you may think twice about trying to implement or manage a new asset sponsorship scheme.

That’s why we offer to do all of the work for you – even applying for planning permission for sites if required – so that you can start to enjoy a new income stream without it affecting your daily role or taking up other staff members’ time. Alternatively, let us manage your existing in-house scheme and demonstrate how we can increase the revenue you receive, as well as cutting your own costs and freeing up officers' time.

We can do all the surveys, provide all the information and visuals so you can see what a scheme might involve and look like, and then set it all up if you want to go ahead. 

How do I procure these types of services?

There are various options and usually it will depend on your Procurement Team’s interpretation of the rules. Whatever the procurement method, we can work with councils on a formal or flexible basis.

We understand that you might want to get to know the industry and what your assets might be worth, before you do much more work on it. So we are always happy to provide advice and information on this if you need it.

To find out how you can get a scheme up and running in a matter of weeks, contact us.