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Public Sector Lamppost Banner Campaigns 

CP Media are the UK’s leading provider of Public Sector Lamppost Banner Campaigns. 

Our vast network of public sector clients across the UK include the NHS, Fostering and Adoption, Road Safety, plus many more who use CP Media’s lamppost banner platform as their preferred community based communication platform.
As a full service provider we manage the entire process for you; from seeking approval from Highways dept., to designing, printing and installing your campaign, meanwhile ensuring your campaign is on schedule, on budget and achieves the objectives you set. 


Why CP Media's Lamppost Banners? 

01  A trusted national provider of public sector lamppost banner campaigns

02  The most price competitive provider of premium banners 

03  A full service provider including planning, design, print and install 

04  The only manufacturer of brackets systems that has been approved by lighting engineers

05  High impact, high quality, full colour banner sites

06  Bespoke campaign solutions tailored to your needs


Our Clients:

Croydon Council, Road Safety Campaign  

Following a number of serious road traffic accidents, including a cyclist fatality, Croydon Council, with the help of CP Media, launched the Road Safety Campaign to highlight the potential dangers to driver and cyclists across the London Borough of Croydon.
A major part of the Road Safety Campaign included high impact lampost banners situated across Croydon’s busiest and most dangerous streets in order to change the behaviour of drivers and cyclists in the area.

The clean, simple messages located across the busy town centre created a highly visual, repetitive message which could be seen contunually by drivers and cyclists across the area.

The lamppost banners remain an integral part of educating the Croydon community about road safety. 


Calderdale Council, Adoption Campaign

Calderdale Fostering & Adoption tasked CP Media with implementing a high-impact lamppost banner campaign which would increase the adoption rate in Calderdale.
By increasing council generated adoptions the team would create cost savings by reducing outsourcing fees to private fostering and adoption businesses, whilst also convincing potential foster parents to instead adopt, thus reducing fostering fees.
CP Media utilised highly visual and emotive signage to target prospective adoptive parents, strategically locating banners in affluent residential areas, city centre locations and busy roads.


The Adoption Campaign managed by CP Media helped create new enquiries from potential adoptive parents from Calderdales a uent population whilst increasing awareness of adoption in local foster carers.  

Media Sales Enquiries:

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