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We work with a sustainability consultant on a regular basis.


How do we create a sustainable and responsible business in asset sponsorship?

That’s the question we asked our sustainability consultant who we work with on a regular basis. Our consultant has won national awards for her work in sustainability, so we are very happy to be guided by her on this.

But our consultant can’t run our business for us and it is about us embedding sustainable practices into everything we do. So, we are looking at:

  • Energy
  • Travel
  • Waste
  • Water
  • Procurement
  • Suppliers

For example, we encourage home and flexible working to minimise travel, as well as using video conferencing instead of face-to-face meetings to save energy and time. If we need to go somewhere, we use public transport or car sharing or even our own bikes.

Our print suppliers are selected because of their sustainability credentials, as well as their technical ability. For example, one supplier uses high quality inks on our signs meaning we don’t need to use laminates to protect them, thus saving materials and waste.

We have looked at businesses in different industries with much bigger sustainability challenges than ours (e.g. Virgin Atlantic) to see what we can learn. We have also studied businesses which have based their whole business model on sustainability (e.g. Elvis and Kresse).

The plan is to measure our current performance, set a clear list of challenging targets, take action and then monitor and report on progress.

So we’re not there yet, but we have a plan and we’re working on it. Today. And every day. Discover 20 business innovation models in sustainability.

Community Partners in the community

Trade Waste sign

We’re a business but we also live and work in communities just like you. So we want to make our business part of the community, in your community.

We already employ people both directly and indirectly in various council communities across the UK. And when we take on a new contract we always look to ensure that this benefits the local community in which we work.

This can be achieved by employing Account Managers locally, through to sourcing local contractors which provide an identifiable and beneficial supply chain to us, from your local business market.

Grounds maintenance

We help certain councils to maintain their roundabout sites with landscaping and regular maintenance as part of the sponsorship fees we collect. This has a double benefit – sponsors get a well-maintained site to put their signs onto, whilst councils reduce their existing maintenance costs.


Some people say ‘time is money’, but actually time is worth more than money in most cases. So we don’t just donate money to a selection of charities - we get involved by giving our time as well.

Our Managing Director is a former trustee of and is still involved with the Forget-me-not Children’s Hospice in Huddersfield, providing respite care to terminally ill children and their parents.

Every one of our staff members is given two paid days off per year to work for or help a charity of their choice.