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Get The Best Out Of Your Outdoor Advertising By Changing Your Messages

Many businesses think outdoor advertising means buying a spot, creating your artwork and then leaving it in position for an extended amount of time. They think outdoor advertising is a brand awareness exercise and, for this reason, many of them state that it is a luxury they can’t afford.

But if you think outdoor advertising is only good for brand awareness and not worth your budget, then you’re looking at it all wrong.


Why Portsmouth Is An Excellent Place For Outdoor Advertising

If you’re a business owner and you’re based in Portsmouth then you’re extremely lucky! Nestled on the south coast, the city is a naval base and home to a historic dockyard. It’s an area highly saturated with residents and, because of it’s rich history and beauty, it’s an area many people travel to as tourists.

Now Is The Time To Advertise In Brent

If you’re a business relying on residents of Brent or people who commute to the area, now is the time to advertise yourself outdoors. CP Media recently took over the booking of advertising on behalf of Brent Council. Through roundabout advertising we’re offering you access to millions of people in cars every single month for as little as 50p per hour, on new signage installations and in new locations.

Recruitment Season Success: How to boost your cold calling results with local advertising

As the Recruitment Season approaches now is the time to think about how your Recruitment Agency will effectively win new clients.

Cold Calling will always remain the most important tool in a recruiter’s arsenalas relationships are built from conversations, but as the sales landscape changes recruitment agencies need to understand how to evolve your approach to employers and how to effectively prepare, instead of just phoning up to get the answer ‘no.’


Showcase Your Estate & Lettings Agency With Roundabout Advertising

Did you know 70% of home buyers move within 20 miles of their previous home? - This is why it is imperative for local Estate and Letting Agents to only implement advertising which targets home buyers and sellers in your area if the campaign is to be successful.

By advertising within this geographic range you can eliminate the unnecessary expenses associated with more regional marketing campaigns and online marketing which also targets traffic outside of your locality.