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Relaunched sponsorship scheme will help local economy to prosper

A newly revamped sponsorship scheme has been released across Solihull this month, and the Council is offering interested businesses a chance to be the first to be featured on traffic islands across the borough.

Funding Regeneration & Improvement

Currently working with councils in over 100 towns and cities across the UK, CP Media has recently taken over managing the initiative, and is working closely with Solihull Council to help generate valuable extra funding to invest into the local economy.  Revenue from the scheme goes straight back into the community, helping to improve and maintain the highways of Solihull.

Solihull Council’s cabinet member for transport and highways, Cllr Ted Richards, said: “This sponsorship scheme is a great way to generate additional funding to invest in Solihull.  CP Media has helped councils to generate income across the country and I’m pleased that they will be helping us too.  This is a simple way of boosting our income and supporting local businesses and the economy too.”

Look Out for a Big Welcome from ‘Al-Murad Tiles’

If you’ve been travelling around Kirklees this month, you might have noticed one of Al-Murad’s newly installed signs.

Is your Business Missing out on a £500m Tourist Industry?

Over £500 million is brought into Bournemouth’s economy by visitors every year, with a significant percentage of that coming from affluent London and Home County day-trippers. With Easter and the start of the tourist season upon us, now is the time to be promoting your business.


Improved Sponsorship Scheme Rolled Out Across Barnsley

Is your business considering the best way of using its marketing budget this year?  Then you might be particularly interested in an improved scheme being offered by Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council.

Looking To Raise Awareness Of Your Brand In Stockton?

Jamie Burke, owner of Global Flooring, says his business ran a successful roundabout advertising campaign through CP Media  and it was second in success only to word of mouth.

“’It subconsciously puts your brand into people’s minds. It’s the most effective form of local advertising we have done. As we ask every customer where they have heard about us, other than recommendations this is the best way to target our market.”